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Laura Cha Shin May-Lung

Former Vice-Chairwoman, China Securities Regulatory Commission

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In this video, Laura shares about her childhood growing up with a father who taught her to be a strong woman and her career as a government official. 
Laura Cha Shin May-Lung grew up in an ordinary, middle-class family in Hong Kong and is the first non-mainlander to serve the Chinese government at the level she did. Throughout her childhood, her father insisted that boys and girls should be equal, inspiring her belief that she should be a woman with a career, not just a housewife who stays at home. After about a decade in the United States, Cha returned to Hong Kong for a new career at the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. She became vice-chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission, working to enforce strong corporate governance practices. Cha and her cases were constantly under the eye of the public which only served to enhance her beliefs of complying with the principals and being as fair as possible. She was then appointed chairman of Hong Kong Financial Services Development Council to boost the city’s status as an international financial center.