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Laura Bates

Founder of the Everyday Sexism Project

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Laura Bates talks about her childhood ambitions to pursue acting, how her first job after university sparked her interest in sexism, and what led her to create the Everyday Sexism Project.
Laura Bates is a British feminist writer who founded the Everyday Sexism Project website in April 2012, documenting instances of sexism women around the world face daily. The project served as the basis for her first book, "Everyday Sexism," which was published to critical acclaim in 2014.   Bates graduated from Cambridge University in 2007, but stayed on for two and a half more years as a researcher for the psychologist Susan Quilliam, who was working on an updated edition of her book, "The Joy of Sex."   After graduating, Bates worked as an actress and a nanny, where she experienced casual sexism at auditions and was exposed to the harmful effects it has on young women. An activist by nature, Bates won Cosmopolitan magazine's Ultimate New Feminist Award in 2013. She was subsequently awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) for her services in promoting gender equality in 2015. Today she's a contributor to the Women Under Siege Project, an independent initiative that documents how gender-based violence is used as a tool in warfare and genocide.

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