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Li Yinhe

China's First Female Sexologist

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In this interview, Li discusses her exposure to and research of homosexuality at the University of Pittsburgh, despite mounting sexual repression back home in China. 
Li Yinhe is a sociologist, sexologist and LGBT rights activist from Beijing, China. Dubbed “China’s first sexologist,” Li is a pioneer for women and gender studies in China. In 1992, she published her second book, Their World, A Study of the Chinese Gay Community, one of the first major studies of gay men in China. While the book received much criticism and scrutiny from the larger public who labeled it as ‘pornographic’ and ‘dirty.’ In 1992, the gay community applauded Li for giving them understanding and hope. China embraced Li after she published Their World, A Study of the Chinese Gay Community, though she was widely criticized and publically persecuted for her work. Li has continued to explore sexuality within Chinese society, and is a staunch activist for the legalization of gay marriage in China. Though she published her final research in 2009 titled, The Women of Houcun, Li continues to be a visible public presence and blogger while raising her adopted son.