Alex Sinclair

Global Creative Director, Editorial & Content Design


Alex Sinclair’s talents hail from Abbey Road in London. Her assignment as a features writer for "The South China Morning Post" in Hong Kong included interviews with Stevie Wonder and Dianne Feinstein and stints in Tokyo and China as a foreign correspondent. In New York City she put pen and wit in service to national publications, including "Cosmopolitan," "Redbook," "Fitness," and "People," unearthing compelling tales and humor in everyday life. In her current role at IBM, Alex is a consummate storyteller, writer, and dialogue creator for conversational interfaces, making her a 21st century raconteur at the intersection of editorial content, experience design, and technology. From research, reporting and authoring industry and consumer trends in "Ready-To-Wear the Future, The Female Industrialist and Reinventing The Wheel," to transforming industry jargon into poetic prose for chatbots, to envisioning the connected car as the ultimate device with Cognitive Mobility, Alex’s empathetic leadership style and mission to understand the underlying needs of the connected human continue to illuminate a path and new language for writers in the cognitive era.