Stephanie Muir

Vice President, Robotics Platform Leader

Johnson & Johnson

Stephanie Muir has built on her passion for health care and love of math and science to now serve as the Robotics Platform Leader at Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson company. Obtaining a Bachelor's of Science Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati, Muir quickly realized that engineering gave her the ability to impact the lives of thousands – if not millions – through innovative technological solutions both in the consumer and health care spaces. Muir attributes her 18 years at Johnson & Johnson to the diverse breadth of opportunity the company has provided her throughout her career. In her current role, she is a leader across R&D and strategic marketing for surgical robotics and surgical innovation, which seeks to go beyond robotics to enable a patient-centric experience for a more minimally invasive surgical approach. Serving as a leader across the organization to develop and deliver the surgical tools specifically designed for these procedures, Muir also works with Verb Surgical to advance R&D and strategic marketing of the overall platform.