Elizabeth Dennis

Managing Director and the Head of Strategic Lead Management

Morgan Stanley

Elizabeth Dennis is a Managing Director and the Head of Strategic Lead Management (SLM). SLM is responsible for facilitating client connections across the Firm, focusing on the synergies between our wealth management clients and our institutional capabilities. The dual mandate focuses on delivering advisory and underwriting services to business owners and executives who are wealth management clients, while also encouraging referrals from our institutional relationships to our financial advisors. Elizabeth is also responsible for identifying and distributing private placements into Wealth Management. She is a member of the Firm’s Securities Operating Committee and Wealth Management Operating Committee. Elizabeth leads the Wealth Management Leaders Program; an effort to motivate and retain top talent in Wealth Management. Elizabeth joined Morgan Stanley on the NY Debt Syndicate Desk in 2001. She spent 14 years executing and distributing debt offerings across the investment grade, high yield, project finance, aircraft financings, private placements, and emerging markets space. She has lived in London and Hong Kong, working for Morgan Stanley's syndicate desks in those regions. Elizabeth moved to Wealth Management in 2015 to run the Capital Markets division, a group responsible for sales, trading, content and risk management activities for financial advisors in the debt, equity and structured product markets.