Inheriting Positivity

Susan Sygall shares the accomplishments of her parents, their experiences pushing through WWII discrimination, and how their positivity gives her strength. Screen Reader Q&A #6 0:00 Susan Sygall - "The Spirit of My Parents" 0:02 My dad was born in the border of Poland and Russia. And he did not finish high school, because of the World War II. But he self-taught himself nine different languages. So I think that my whole passion for working internationally came a lot from hearing him speak nine different languages. And my mom was from Austria-- from Vienna. My family's Jewish, and they both were forced to leave. And my mom, I'm happy to report, was the world champion figure skater. And she actually skated for Austria one day, and the next day was asked to leave the country. 0:42 My parents were such positive, optimistic people who both had amazing careers in their own right. And sometimes when people ask me, how-- you're so positive, and you're so determined. And I always think-- I definitely I think got it from the spirit of my parents.  

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