Translating Rights and Opportunities

Susan Sygall talks about bringing disabled people from other countries to the US to see what's possible for disabled women in terms of health, political rights, and opportunities and take those learnings back to their countries. Screen Reader Q&A #4 0:00 Susan Sygall - "Break Down Preconceived Notions" 0:02 And we also are interested to bring disabled people from other countries to the United States to break down preconceived notions of what's possible. So we just had a group of 21 women from 21 different countries come from our women's leadership program. And we're talking about, how do disabled women not get HIV and AIDS, how do you prevent violence against disabled women, how do people with disabilities-- in this case, it was women-- pass legislations? 0:30 And if you can imagine this group of people-- we're sometimes translating in English. We're translating in sign language. We also use what we call Certified Deaf Interpreters. So a woman from Nigeria who's deaf doesn't speak American Sign Language, so we're translating from American Sign Language to deaf culture universal sign language. So you have all these cultures, all these languages. But the idea is that women with disabilities get the same rights and the same opportunities all over the world as non-disabled women.  

MAKER Profile: Susan Sygall