Why Wouldn't We?

Susan Sygall talks about hitchhiking with another women in a wheelchair through New Zealand. Screen Reader Q&A #5 0:00 Susan Sygall - "I Hitchhiked Through New Zealand" 0:01 When I studied in Australia for awhile, I had six weeks off, and I hitchhiked through New Zealand for six weeks with another person also happened to be in a wheelchair. We never thought like, oh, isn't this going to be incredible? We're going to hitchhike-- two people in wheelchairs-- through New Zealand. It was like at that time, when people took a break, people were hitchhiking through New Zealand. 0:20 So why wouldn't we do that? It just was doing what we want to do just like everybody else. And actually, we had a great time, and stayed in different people's homes for six weeks. But it was unusual, but it wasn't unusual for me, and it wasn't unusual for us.    

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